Look For The Best Rooftop Tent

There is nothing worse than being out in the elements and your equipment fails. It not only gives you a bad feeling for the trip, but often your guests or family are not resilient enough to be able to withstand the pressure until you figure it out.

Roof top tents have to be designed well and withstand numerous temperature changes. If you buy inferior products, you will end up saving money but paying for it in other ways.

How does one go about buying the best rooftop tent? If you are into camping, hiking, living in nature, going into areas that are sparsely populated, you already have a network of friends who enjoy the same type of recreational activities as you do. If you are not in a group of friends who love to take life as it comes in nature, then look for that group. Sharing experiences and having some knowledge of others adventures is a good self-education process.

So, finding that best rooftop tent will be a new enlightenment. What do you start with? The most important thing is to decide how many people you will be accommodating in the tent. Tents start at two person and go up to four people. You may want to consider a larger size just for the available space. It helps if you are encapsulated for a few days due to bad weather to have room to turn around!

Next, you want an easy set up. If you are out in the woods with a deep snow on the way and it is already coming down, all you want to do is to make cap and open it up.

No matter if you are on an expedition, camping, weekend travel, over landing or just plain adventure, when you stop, you will want to get your roof top tent opened.

The best roof top tents will take you back to childhood in the tree house where you may have spent hours playing with your friends. You want equipment that will take you there with no more tent pole fighting or missing parts you leave behind that are essential for the next set up.

So get there, set up and start to enjoy with a HIT™ product roof top tents. It will raise your experience to that next level. People you love will in a private world looking out at the world in a safe environment.

The best roof top tents in the industry are made with high quality 400g rip-stop poly/cotton canvases. You will want to be sure you have the best possible fabric. In order to be a successful trip, you will want the most superior defense to protect you from mud, roots, rocks, and other deterrents. Vehicle level to the ground will give you a safe haven free from the nonsense. You will not even know what surrounds you.

Elevation will protect you from the nasty creatures as snakes, spiders, or scorpions. You won’t have that protection sitting in a ground tent.

No matter where you end up to park, you will have options and being ably to set up at a moment’s notice is a big one. You can leave it mounted year round for short trips.

The best rooftop tent as the HIT™ from Hinterland Industries will be able to fit any vehicle from a Chevy Suburban or a Toyota Prius and all sizes in the middle. They can fit any vehicle where there is a roof rack or bars as in Thule or Yakima. You want to start exploring? This is what you need! You can have that outdoor life at a fraction of the cost of an RV, travel trailer or 5th wheel.

The company has made this available with perfect integrity and common sense to enhance your experience. Their products will work for you. If you are a beach lover, hunter, over lander, surfer, expeditionary enthusiasts, whatever that takes you outside to enjoy the world, you have equipment that will come through for you and be easy to use. You don’t need to be experienced, or you may just want to escape the city for a weekend, you won’t go wrong with these that are the best rooftop tents.

Hinterland Industries is a family owned and operated business. That is a real plus today. Family owned businesses are run so much more productively than a huge company where the owners don’t really care about their customers. Their roots were born in outdoor environments. They are driven and possess passion to bring your outdoor experience to something exciting safe, dependable and fun for your entire family. They want you to have what they gave their family.

Their equipment is processed and manufactured in small batch runs, which only attribute to quality products. They know every inch of the Rubicon trail. You are using the best rooftop tent made safe components as 1” aluminum poles with alloy joints made of aluminum in all locations necessary. You will find in all Hinterland Industries Tents (HIT™) the waterproof 400g canvas, stainless steel hinges and mounting brackets and the most wonderful 3” thick mattresses for your best nighttime rest. The tent body is green with tan rainfly’s that enable your roof top tent to blend in and become part of the scenery. You will be one with nature.

Always check your warranty! You will want a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on rooftop tents and know that defects will be repair or place at no out of pocket expense. Hinterland Industries does this.

Enjoy your experience! It is a great world out there. Get back to nature and be part of it.