• Shipping is a flat rate of $250 in the lower 48.

  • Shipping of tents is to nearest freight facility or business address with a forklift. If residential delivery and or lift gate required add $145. The option to add is when you check out.

  • AK and HI call for rates

  • We can ship internationally as well. Please call for rates.

Care for your tent and zippers:

  • Always let your tent dry fully in the sun before long term storage. It is ok to pack wet if its only to drive home or to the next camping location. But once you are done it is very important to make sure it is dry before you leave it closed up for an extended period of time. If not then mold and mildew will form and you run the risk of permanent damage and voiding of your warranty. Plus you won't want to sleep in a tent with mold and mildew in or on it.

  • Use a silicone spray on all your zippers. Also bees wax is a great lubricant for them as well. Should you get excessive dirt or debris in your zipper be sure to clean it well before use, failure to do so could cause damage to the zipper and or shorten its service life.

  • If you have a mold or mildew issue you can clean the tent with a mild detergent such as lysol all purpose detergent or a diluted simple green mixture in a gallon of warm water. Then be sure to rinse off all the detergent with clean water prior to letting fully dry and storing.

  • Over time with use and cleanings the waterproofing might start to break down some. This can be easily fixed with a silicone based fabric water repellent available at most camping supply stores or outdoor retailer.

  • Wash your mattress and cover from time to time and hang to let air dry. It is good to check between the mattress and the tent floor as this is an area that condensation can and will form depending on the climate.

  • To fully prepare your new tent for all weather use it is recommended to set it up and lightly spray it with water to allow the threads and fabric to swell and seat. This is referred to as "seasoning" your tent. Then let fully dry and put away. This can be achieved in the first rainstorm you are in too but you might notice a little bit of water intrusion while everything is getting "seasoned". To avoid this simply prep your tent at home with the above method and you are good to go. This can be repeated as many times as desired.


Demo and used models?:

  • Yes! We periodically have demo and used models available. They are sold as-is and without warranty. For prices and models available please call us. Demo and used tents are sold without warranty and are only available for pickup only, they cannot be shipped.

How and what do they mount on?

  • Our tents will mount to any rack system rated for over 130lbs. Whether its a factory rack with crossbars or aftermarket bars from fine manufacturers such as Thule and Yakima. Or any aftermarket rack company like Gobi Racks or Bajaracks to name a couple. Mounting is very easy with fully adjustable stainless steel bolts and mounting brackets.