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Ever have nature call and you find yourself without a good place to set your roll of toilet paper?  Poo-lahoop™ solves this problem once and for all.  Whether you're in the great outdoors, a rest area, a blown out gas station bathroom or just a plain old roadside emergency, Poo-lahoop™ is there for you.  Allows you to keep both hands free as well as holds the toilet paper of your choice (no more waxy single ply nightmares for you my friend) safe and sound away from wet areas as well as dirt and pokey stickers and anything else that might be around when its go time.

  • Ever rush into a bathroom without a minute to spare only to find out too late there is no paper? Poo-lahoop™

  • Ever drop your roll and it loads up with stickers and dirt like in the second picture? Poo-lahoop™

  • Ever use that waxy single ply that someone saved a few cents to put in their bathroom and wish you had a roll of your favorite soft two ply paper? Poo-lahoop

  • Ever try to hover when duty calls and lose your balance and fall over and ruin the roll of toilet paper you were clutching for dear life? Poo-lahoop™

  • Keep both hands free to handle your business or steady yourself while Poo-lahoop™ works tirelessly to keep your paper safe and out of harms way ready to easily roll off whenever you need.

  • Simply put the lanyard over your head and slide the adjuster to shorten it up and you're good to go.

  • Proudly made in USA.

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